oneSAFE® Single-Glove
Dispensing System

Protect your patients and your healthcare operation

A Revolutionary Innovation for Increased Safety

  • Reduced waste

  • Decreased footprint

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved hygiene

Dispense One Glove At A Time

The oneSAFE® design makes it easy to grab only one glove at a time. Because the system allows users to touch the glove only at the cuff, the glove’s palm and fingers will not come into contact with the user’s bare hands.

oneSAFE® Exam-Grade Gloves

The new MedHandler oneSAFE Exam-Grade Gloves in powder-free vinyl and blue nitrile are available in single and triple wall-mounted dispensers. The oneSAFE system is a proprietary dispensing system for foodservice, and now for healthcare, that enables users to pull out a single glove by the cuff and don it without touching the glove’s handling surface. This simple difference reduces the risk of cross contamination by 96%. The dispenser also harbors 93% less bacteria than traditional dispensers.

Experience the Glove for Yourself


The oneSAFE® design allows for a greater reduction in packaging and storage space.


Dispenses gloves one at a time and allows for users to don up to 50% faster.


Reduce the chance of spreading costly HAI’s, protecting both patients and healthcare workers.